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How to Plan a Great Event with Your Caterer

Creating a positive guest experience isn’t necessarily tantamount to losing sleep due to concerns about details and logistics. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a corporate or personal event – you can pull off a successful event if you’re smart about it. Bring in a caterer and make sure it’s someone you can actually work with!

Setting a Budget

First things first, you need to know how much you are planning to spend. Remember to look into rentals, d?cor and manpower when you list down your projected costs.

Knowing Your Venue

Venues in most large cities come with in-house catering and it is challenging the rules will not be easy. If you plan to host the event outside of your company premises, weigh the options of in-house catering against choosing an external caterer. In-house means the cost of your menu will likely be lower. However, an external caterer will be able to accommodate customization, both for the menu items and the food design. Thus, being familiar with venue guidelines from the start can save you time and help you make sounder decisions when it comes to your catering needs.

Defining Guest Experience

If you really want to impress your guests, put yourself in their shoes. This step largely depends on who your guests are and the message you want to convey to them. Do you want your guests to come together through an interactive feature, such as a shot station? Do you want to lure in potential business? Incorporate your logo in your food designs to make a lasting impact on your attendees. And take note that a well-chosen caterer will help you impress everyone.

Food Branding

Food can definitely be used for representing your brand too. Be ready for a conversation regarding food inspirations and what you want your guests to remember after your event. Besides, food is more than an event accessory – people actually talk about it. If you’re thinking of stirring a media buzz from this gathering, you can do it with exceptional culinary presentation, especially at the social media sites.

Using Vision Boards

Vision boards of imagines will be very helpful when it comes to giving your caterer an accurate picture of what you want at your event. Certainly, you can also talk about it, but being visual beings, we all understand things much better when we can see them. Include as many images as you can. More pictures mean more creativity and a wider imagination for your caterer before they actually get in the kitchen.

It’s undeniable how a caterer can affect the total outcome of your event, so make sure you choose the right one.

A Beginners Guide To Foods

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