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Instructions For Making Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Low Carb Source

Today, many people are paying more attention to what they eat. Among the things that you should avoid include inorganic foods and foods that have high carbs. Ketchup is in the group of foods that most people know to contain a lot of carbs. There are individuals who love ketchup so much that they use it in almost everything they eat. Some people do not buy sauce in their houses because most sauces in shops contain a lot of sugar. You may be avoiding high carb sauce because you want to maintain a healthy diet, manage a sickness like diabetes and for the mere reason of disliking the taste of commercial sauces. If you are forced to abstain from sauce because of high sugar level, the world does not end for you because you can easily prepare your low carb source from the comfort of your home. When you make your sauce from home, it is possible to design it in a way that you prefer best. For instance, you can avoid using sugar, salt and inorganic components in the making of your sauce. You can also bond with your loved one when you involve them in preparation of sauce from home Making low carb sauce is simple and easy. You will discover more about the preparation of low carb sauce in this article.

The top step is to gather all the ingredients that you will need. Among the items you will require are natural, unsweetened tomato sauce, liquid stevia, organic cayenne pepper, and natural, unsweetened tomato paste. In addition, you should have a container such as a bowl, where you will place all the ingredients and spoon for mixing. After gathering the aforementioned items, you can begin on the second step.

You will then be ready to begin placing the ingredients in the bowl in specific measures and combine them. The right proportion of mixing include 280 g of natural, unsweetened tomato sauce, 60 g natural, unsweetened tomato paste, 15 drops liquid stevia, 2 teaspoons raw organic apple cider vinegar and 1 small pinch of organic cayenne pepper. Without the cayenne pepper, your sauce will taste a bit too bland But still, you should be very careful not to add excess cayenne pepper unless you love fiery flavors.

You can then mix them up well until the ingredients are uniformly distributed in the source. Your sauce will then be ready. When you leave the sauce in the freezer for several hours or overnight, it will taste much better the following day. You should then be able to enjoy your sauce with whatever food you want to eat it with like chips, fries, sausages and so on.

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