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Do You Need Retractable Awnings?

The usefulness and beauty of retractable awnings have caused them to rise to fame in the home designers’ world. There are also a number of advantages that they bring to the table in comparison to fixed awnings. For example, retractable awnings are so easy to install and even have longer life expectancies.

If this is your first time encountering the phrase retractable awning and you wonder what it can do for you, the read on for more info.

As made obvious by its name, retractable awnings retract and fold to help you manage the placement of the shade or to protect the awning. Because you can be assured that they will last for long periods of time, retractable awnings can be the long-term fixtures that you can add to the exterior of your home, office or business to create an adjunct space where you can work or lounge in while being protected from the sun’s heat, glare, and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The first benefit is the energy savings that retractable awnings bring to the table. As retractable awnings can lower the indoor temperature by 75 percent, the use of air conditioning is then lowered by 25 percent, making the energy bills significantly lower.

Another of its benefits is that it can protect your area from different elements that can be very damaging, like storms, wind, and UV rays from the sun and in fact, you can adjust the slope of the awning during rain, close it during storms, and others.

Retractable awnings also provide the privacy you need for activities that your neighbors don’t have to see like spas, hot tubs and pools.

Retractable awnings can be fixed over small areas such as windows, where fixed canopies would not be suitable. There is a wide variety of things retractable awnings are useful for apart from windows, like doors, patios, living spaces, and seating areas.

As far as installation goes, retractable awnings will give you the ease that you seek. You won’t be needing any heavy labor or construction, you just have to mount the retractable awnings onto the walls or beams of the structure and that’s it!

Last in the list is visibility. Since retractable awnings don’t need external support, no posts nor stanchions will be blocking your view!

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