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Beauty Talk: Best Self-tanners of 2016 We are all aware of the dangers of being exposed to too much direct sunlight and tanning beds, and that’s when self-tanners come handy for us to achieve sun-kissed skin. But not all self-tanners give you an equal tone, some can leave you looking streakier than a tabby cat. Beauty brands have launched new products of innovation that make the process almost foolproof. Here are the ones you need to know so you won’t end up an orange mess later. There are brands that give a gradual tan and moisturizer at the same time that help build a perfect bronze glow within three to four days with the hydration benefits hit instantly. One of the best self-tanning lotion available in the market provides solution to the messiness associated with traditional self-tanner application. Another brand offers free from chemical smell, which means zero stink while keeping your skin bronze up to three weeks! Other brands offer not just moisturizing effect but also exfoliation while tanning your skin. One of the best brands of self-tanning lotion is infused with self-tan so it slightly deepens as you wear it and provide a bronze and highlighter effects to mimic a semi-permanent contouring technique that uses self-tanner instead of traditional contouring products. Some self-tanning solutions are also infused with vitamins for extra moisturizing like Vitamin E and B5. There are different scents such as caramel, cocoa and coffee blend that sets off stinky chemicals that are normally added in self-tanners. Here are some tips to guide you in applying self-tanners: It is important to exfoliate and shave before applying the self-tanning solution to slough off dead skin cells to allow deeper penetration. The next step is standing between two mirrors when applying a self-tanner for you to exactly see what you’re doing. Be extra careful in applying self-tanner on your hands, elbows, knees, feet, ankles and face because these are the areas where most self-tanning mistakes show up the most. You should use a minimal amount of self-tanning lotion in these areas and you may consider using latex gloves or a tanning mitt when applying it. Once you’re done, keep your skin hydrated to keep the effect lasting and moisturized.
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When deciding to use a self-tanning lotion, you should consider your skin type and read product reviews for the benefits you can get as well as ease in usage or application. You can check this website for other articles about choosing the best sunless self-tanning lotions or self-tanners for 2016. Attain a sun-kissed glow by choosing the best brand for you!A Quick Rundown of Tanning