What Do You Know About Dating

How to Seduce a Woman

Seducing is an act of persuading a woman who has captured your attention to accept your request to be your girlfriend. Before the real seduction, a man should first make a decision as to what he wants to do with the woman when she finally gives in and falls for him, whether she is to be his sexual partner or otherwise. Expression men’s feelings and desire to the women they would love to date might be hard, but for some men it is a very easy thing to do. The first few steps into a successful seduction should start with the non-verbal communication that will help to enlighten the beautiful lady that you have intentions of making the big move in the near future such as winking at her when eyes meet and general body communication.

It is important that you follow up the non-verbal communication with real verbal communication where you can politely ask her for a few minutes of her time to get to know her name, where she lives, what she likes doing in free time and get her phone number so that you can keep in touch. Call her and ask her out on a Friday or Saturday and when she shows up, be generous with the compliments, talk about her beautiful dress, how she looks lovely, how her new hairstyle compliments her look and so on because women really love when a man notices the details. When getting into a short term sexual relationship it is easier to win the woman if you apply some strategies such as temporary behavior change where you can pretend to be a gentleman, or if the girl goes for guys with money, just act like you have money so that you can win her and then when the truth comes out everyone goes there way. When you take out a woman, be very attentive to what she tells you and show interest because this will boost her confidence in you because you care about her, also at the same make sure to laugh at the jokes she cracks.

Treat your woman in ways she never though existed, tell her you bought her something big and then show up with a bar of chocolate, she will fall for you with all her heart and mind. Finally after being sure that you can confess your love for her, take her out to a place with no external disruptions, look into her eyes and confidently admit that you have fallen in love with her, be emotional and tell how you have been holding on to the feeling but you cannot take it anymore, some tears in your eyes will mess up with her head and she will be all yours.