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Useful Kitchen Countertops That Will Last Longer

Are you thinking of designing your dream kitchen? A kitchen is a place where all your family members gather. This is the place where you prepare food for your family members as they wait while catching up with the latest news. Your kitchen countertop matters regardless of whether you are moving into a new home or renovating an old one.

A laminated kitchen countertop is not an expensive selection. When the manufacturer is producing a laminated kitchen countertop, they place around the particleboard a thin plastic layer. The countertop becomes easy and light to manipulate. Laminated kitchen countertops are not one of the strongest the market can offer.
A cement base is a place below a ceramic tile kitchen countertop. Grout is put on the tiles after the cement has been put around the ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile kitchen countertops can break or crack easily which makes them not long-lasting.

Marble kitchen countertops are not expensive. With proper maintenance and care a marble kitchen countertop lasts long. Marble kitchen countertops can easily get stained because they absorb liquids due to their porous nature. Solid surface kitchen countertops come in various styles and colors. Manufacturers design it using resin, acrylic as well as other material which gives it a mimic granite look. Modern kitchen home and restaurants are the main users for stainless steel kitchen countertops. These countertops are germ and bacteria resistant.

There was some popularity that came with soapstone kitchen countertops. They are still popular and have their benefits. Soapstone comes in gray and white variations. Soapstone countertops are stain-resistant and non-porous. It does not scratch easily.
Glass kitchen countertops are available in various types. The first choice is the strong glass slab which is more reinforced than the normal glass. The recycled glass top is another unique choice. Here manufacturers use discarded glass that is broken down, melt it and use various chemicals to come up with a slab. There are benefits that come with most homeowners, but slate kitchen countertops have some benefits. Since slate is a natural stone, the manufacturers sand it down to create large slabs that can easily be installed in your kitchen.

With one look you can notice whey granite kitchen countertops are popular. Granite has a natural grain with different colors meaning each slab is distinct. Granite countertops are also found in modern homes and attract several buyers unlike other types of kitchen countertops. Finally, quartz kitchen countertops which is the most durable countertop found in the market. This type of countertops is made from natural quartz stone slab. Chemicals, resin are mixed with the natural quartz stone. The result is a beautiful countertop that looks like natural quartz.